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Deco-Screen® 1x2 is a high quality sunscreen fabric with a twist. Woven with different colour Enduris® fibreglass core yarns, Deco-Screen creates a decorative look with the appearance of depth and texture, while providing perfect view-through abilities and outstanding UV protection.

  • Internal Performance Sunscreen
  • 5% Openness
  • 1x2 basket weave in a decorative look
  • Enduris fibreglass core
  • 6 colours
  • 250cm roll width
  • Internal Performance Sunscreen
  • 5% Openness (3% on indent)
  • 2x2 basket weave
  • Enduris fibreglass core
  • Patented KOOLBLACK™ Technology
  • 310cm roll width (250cm on indent)